Parkside Cars success has been founded on short passenger waiting times and reliable professional service. We're famous for offering an average pick-up time of less than 10 minutes in Central London and texting our customers with updates about their journey.
Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Allowing us to manage customer journeys from the point of booking right through to destination.
Ever since we were the first to introduce SMS booking confirmations, Parkside Cars has been at the forefront of transportation technology. Here are just a few of the ways we use technology to benefit the thousand of passengers we carry around the capital every year.
  • Our fleet of 180 Premium Minicab Service and 120 Premium VIP chauffeur cars is managed by a highly sophisticated computerised auto Allocator that tracks all of our vehicles, constantly calculating the most efficient solution to pick up each passenger across the entire fleet. This not only enables us to offer minicabs in less than 10 minutes in Central London
  • As the Auto Allocator tracks all our vehicles with GPS, we can even tell you how long your minicab will take to arrive. When booking by phone or online, request a minicab 'ASAP' and we will let you know the exact time to pick-up (the current average time is just six minutes). If you are booking online you can even track your vehicle en-route as it makes its way to you.
  • We send each of our passengers a SMS text message informing you when your car is on its way and again when it's waiting outside. We include the driver's mobile number and vehicle registration so you can identify your car safely and contact the driver directly should you need to.
Parkside Cars continuously re-invests profits into technology to improve efficiency, cut emissions and enhance the customer experience