Student Transfers - Taxi/Minicab

We cover all student bookings whether its short or long distance journey. With a fleet of over 100 vehicles we can get to all University campuses and accommodation in London within no time!
We actively work with all student unions and societies, we value your custom and understand the great benefits students bring to London.


Students are now eligible to receive a 15 % discount on cab fares if they book a cab via Parkside Cars


We understand that the student life can be tough and that any discount will help. Also an increasing debt over your head cannot be nice but with our student discount we can make those little differences big.


If your a student who regularly relies on a cab you could save a lot of money with this 15% discount.


We understand that their are plenty of people starting UNI this coming September and most will have to travel long distances to get to there new accommodation and you are going to have a lot of luggage with you, this is the perfect opportunity to save some money on your travels.


Parkside Cars aims to provide the best possible taxi service to all students in UK, by providing an unequalled level of quality service that stresses safety, reliability and comfort.

Book a taxi online.

Peace of mind - all our drivers are fully licensed and GPS tracking system so we know where our taxis are all the time.

Taxis/Minicabs/Cabs available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Door to Door service.


We regurlary pickup from all University campuses.


To contact our sales team please call 0208 8400 400  or email info@parksidecarservice.co.uk


For bookings please call 0208 8400 400 or email info@parksidecarservice.co.uk